Monday, June 28, 2010

250 Address Labels for only $0.99 Shipped!!

Right now (and who knows for how long) Office Depot is offering 250 address labels for only $0.99 shipped! I tried the deal to confirm before I posted it and sure enough, my total was $1.07. The coupon code to use is 854758859. That will take off $9 and provide free shipping. This took me quite a while due to a slow website and a slightly confusing process at the end with the coupon code, but all in all it was not bad. There are a ZILLION choices for backgrounds also. Below is the one I chose. You can move around the fields to center them or make them bigger, so it is completely customizable. (The one I chose is called scripty snowflake and is under the seasonal category. I don't care - I love it!) Let me know if you have problems!