Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elizabeth Target 6/15 - Saved 97%

I had to go to another Target to try and find the scrubbing bubbles sprayers since my last $5 gift card coupon expired yesterday. I was successful!

(5) $6.99 - Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter
- (5) $3/1 Target printable (I don't think this is available anymore but I can't tell since I've already printed it from this computer)
- (4) $5/1 from 6/13 SS (this with the Target coupon provided $4.04 profit on 4 of them which paid for the $3.99 left over on the 5th before the gift card)
- $5 gift card coupon from 5/2 SS (expired 6/15)

$0.88 - Kraft Ranch Dressing - clearance (realized later I had a coupon - oh well)

(3) $0.78 - Bush's Kidney Beans (large jar) - clearance

$0.84 - Duncan Hines cake mix - clearance

Total before coupons: $39.01

Total after coupons and tax: $1.01

Savings of 97%.

Believe it or not, I realized when I got home that the cashier accidentally scanned one of the Target scrubbing bubbles coupons twice, so I should have paid $4.01. I know for sure I only gave her 5 as that is all I had left. Given the screw ups the past few times I've been there I don't feel too bad.

As a side note, most ever Target coupon says "limit one identical offer per transaction" these days. That is why Shanna and I always do so many transactions - we thought we had to. Yesterday when we realized we would have to do 8 transactions because of the ziploc bags we decided to try and do 2 on one transaction to see what the computer would say. It worked! So yesterday when I got in line with the scrubbing bubbles I told my cashier (young girl) my predicament. I have 5 Target coupons that say one per transaction, but I didn't think they would beep. She said let's just do it all in one! So from now on, only one transaction at Target unless it benefits us to do more than one.


Heather said...

Wow! That's a lot of savings! And, that reminds me, I need to make a trip to Target to get some more scrubbing bubbles. :o)

Elizabeth said...

I know! Will the scrubbing bubbles deals ever end? Not that I'm wanting them to, but good lord I have a lot!

Stephanie said...

Great job!! Don't forget the Scrubbing Bubbles rebate also. Send in the form and receive $5 dollars back when you buy 3 Scrubbing Bubbles items. I found out about it on TotallyTarget.

Elizabeth said...

Stephanie, are you referring to the SC Johnson rebate? If so, I've already done it the max of 3 times on the shout wipes weeks ago, but thanks for the reminder!

Whitney at Coupon Wonder Mom said...

Aw, I'm SO bummed! I didn't realize the $5 Target GC coupon ended yesterday :( :( I wanted more Scrubbing Bubbles... those sprayers worked wonders in my bathroom! I still have $5 coupons, guess I have to keep my eyes peeled for the next good sale!

Elizabeth said...

Oh believe me, with all the promoting they've been doing lately, there HAS to be more great sales!

Super Coupon Lady said...

Wow! Great Shopping! Would love for you to link your shopping trip(s) to me! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...


On a missed coupon. You can take your receipt to customer service along with your coupon and they will give you cash back for that coupon.