Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Company to Email

So I received a wonderful package in the mail yesterday.  I've posted before about emailing companies to compliment them (or complain) and the wonderful benefits you usually reap.  I've emailed Cetaphil (Galderma) probably three times since January about various things, so I'm not exactly sure what triggered this package, but they were all compliments.  I received 6 samples of Cetaphil products, a $1/1 coupon for any Cetaphil product, a $2/1 coupon for the new line of Cetaphil restoring products, and a FREE coupon (valued up to $11).  This is pretty awesome.  I always get excited about free coupons, but Cetaphil is a requirement in my life, so this is an added bonus.  If you know me and have no desire for your own free Cetaphil coupon, it would be very generous of you to email the company anyway.  I'm mainly posting this for my mom anyway :)

So go here and say something nice (or not!) about Cetaphil.