Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get the Red Plum Free???

So I just read a post over on Centsible Savings about where to find your local Red Plum (I'm assuming its the same one as the typical newspaper one we all know about). You just put in your address here and it should list all the local publications that carry the Red Plum. Here's what happened with my address:

So I highlighted and searched for each publication I didn't already know about (all but the DMN and Plano Star Courier). Turns out the first 2 papers are free and I've already signed up to have them delivered to my apartment! I can't find anything about the Plano Insider that distinguishes it from the Plano Star Courier so I'm just going to let that go. A couple of months ago I learned about the Plano Star Courier and that it offered the same coupons on Sunday as the DMN for only $1, so I've been buying that paper now. But to get some more for free delivered right to me is fantastic! If this works, next step is to find if you can pick them up for free at some local gas station. This is definitely worth a try! For my Waco readers, I already tried my home address and it only lists the Tribune Herald and the DMN, so no freebies for you, but other people in big cities could probably find something. Let me know what you find!