Friday, July 9, 2010

Look what a little birdie brought me!!!

I am still staring at this picture in amazement even though I took it yesterday afternoon. I didn't write anything about it on the blog, but a couple of weeks ago I lost a large chunk of my coupons at Walgreens. I went to 4 that day and called all 4 several times for several days to no avail so finally decided to call it a loss. I posted about it on a forum I subscribe to and asked if I could buy some potluck coupons from people and got several responses. I spent about $4 and got around 150 coupons from 2 or 3 people. But this couponer (I shall name her the coupon fairy) asked me for my address and told me there was no need to give her any money. She was just doing a good deed. Well, this is what showed up from her yesterday! 52, count them, 52, full, unclipped inserts from the last several weeks. Are you kidding me???? I'm not sure if it looks more impressive in the original tall stack it was shipped in or laid out like in the picture, but man oh man, it would have cost me around $30 in papers to get this much! This just proves to me once again how great the couponing community is. I tell you what though, next time I hear of someone losing their stash, I'm ALL over that!


mtrentham said...

Sweet & sweet! On your new stash and your nice coupon fairy.