Monday, July 12, 2010

Target Trip 7/10

I know I haven't posted any trips in a while, but that's really just because there's been no super deals to show you. I've still done Walgreens and CVS shopping, just not worth it to take a picture and post about it. But, I had a fantastic trip to Target on Saturday!

$12.48 - Purse - on clearance - I've been looking for a more coupon friendly purse and I thought about not including it since it's not a coupon item or any special deal, but hey, I'll show you my whole transaction.

(2) $1.50 - *turns red* - any guess what these are? (clearance)

(3) $1.99 - Crystal Light Pure Fitness
- (3) $2/1 from Vocalpoint sampler - marked down to $1.99 automatically by computer

$2.75 - Special K Granola
$2.66 - Fiber Plus Antioxidants Cereal
- $1/1 printable for the granola
- $4.29 Target printable for free fiber plus cereal with purchase of special k cereal (no longer available)
= $0.06 each - no idea why the Target printable took off more than the purchase price

$4.79 - Olay Total Effects Body Wash
$3.59 - Ivory Bar Soap
- $4/1 Olay from 6/6 PG insert
- $3.59 from 6/6 PG buy one olay total effects get Ivory free (supposed to have a max value of $3 but the computer took off the full price, I pointed it out to be ethical and they cashier said it's fine)
= $0.40 each

(2) $0.50 - Meow Mix wet cat food
- $0.50 from B1G1 free coupon from ..... I can't find where it's from, but definitely an insert, not a printable
= $0.25 each

(3) $1.00 - 13 pocket expandable folders - I thought these were a quarter (dollar spot is all clearanced) but I wasn't watching the register closely so I took a small hit here

$0.25 - Hello Kitty tin pail (clearance)

(2) $0.25 - Rayovac batteries
- (2) $1/1 printables - again the computer automatically marked these down to a quarter - no overage at Target anymore!

(4) $0.25 - Magnetic note pads - clearance

(2) $0.62 - Reed diffusers (clearance - great gift)

(4) $0.25 - First aid burn kit (clearance)

(2) $0.25 - Lint rollers (clearance)

(6) $2.98 - Cover Girl mascara 2 pack (on clearance down from $11.99)
(6) $3.14 - Cover Girl Eye Enhancers kit (eye shadow)
- (6) $1/1 from 7/4 PG insert
- (6) $3.14 from buy a mascara get the enhancer kit free from 7/4 PG
=$0.66 each if you count each 2 pack as 2


$7.34 - Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion - can you tell how HUGE this is in the picture??
- $7.34 from Jergens Natural Glow Satisfaction Guarantee a month or so ago - had a max value of $8 so I bought the biggest one they had

$9.19 - Clairol Hair color
- $9.19 from facebook promotion a while back

$6.49 - Hefty trash bags
- $6.49 from FREE coupon from complimenting the company here
= FREE (this coupon had a max value of $6 and I assumed the cashier would mark the coupon down but it automatically took the whole value)

$9.99 - Fresh Steps Cat Litter
- $9.99 from FREE coupon from complimenting the company here
= FREE (this coupon had a max value of $13 and 27 lbs, and this was the best I could do)

$1.84 - Suave Professionals Shampoo
- $3.00 from free coupon from Rachael Ray a while back (computer automatically took the max value of the coupon rather than the price of the item)
= $1.16 profit - finally some profit!!

Total before coupons: $116.05

Used a $5 gift card from a few weeks ago.

Total after coupons, gift cards and tax: $31.99

Savings of 72%!!

To make myself feel even better about this total I shall remind myself that a full HALF of that was the purse and 2 other clearance items (beginning of transaction)!

Yay Target.

1) I'm so very said that there will be no more overage with manufacturer's coupons at Target - I would have just bought the batteries rather than used the coupons if I had known.

2) I know this isn't a trip you can duplicate since I had so many free coupons but Target is the only place I know of that is 100% "free" coupon friendly and I didn't want to let them expire so I used up all I could on this trip.

3) The Cover Girl mascaras weren't marked down but I had read a post from Totally Target that they were clearanced elsewhere so I scanned one to check and sure enough it was SUPER cheap. The clearance price from the post I read was $5.98 so I did great on these!


Kelli said...

WOW! Great Trip! I think I might go check out my Target clearance today.

Denise said...

Awesome job Elizabeth! Makes me want to head over to Target :)