Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I went to Walgreens and CVS tonight but to be perfectly honest, I don't feel like writing up all the deals I got.  If I would have had at least 1 stellar transaction, I totally would show you guys, but I didn't.  CVS was out of almost everything I wanted, which after reading other blogs, seems to be the norm this week.  Walgreens was stocked, but I had little RR's to start with and didn't plan well enough so I spent almost $10 out of pocket (I think, stopped counting after a bit).  Just a blah day of shopping.  The only cool thing that happened was that there was indeed a display of Jergens lotion at Walgreens that had $1/1 coupons attached to it so I was able to pick up 2 bottles for nearly free.  They are $4.29 each (for the smaller bottle) and the deal is buy 2 get a $5 RR. So two costs $8.58, minus two $1/1 coupons is $6.58, minus a $5 RR is $1.58, or $0.79 each, which I am happy with.  No $2 peelies on the Vaseline and the coupon isn't showing up for me online but I still bought one since they are $0.99 after RR.  At CVS all I got was some Olay cleansing cloths for the other frugal blonde which were $0.49 each (bought 2) after ECB.  So ya see?  Not much to show.  I'm having faith that next week will blow me out of the water!  (And that I'll find some toothbrushes at CVS later this week).  Hope you guys are finding great stuff!