Monday, November 8, 2010

Preview of CVS Black Friday Deals

It never occured to me PC (pre-couponing) that drugstores would have great Black Friday deals, but I just saw Michelle's post and I'm super excited now!  Is it weird that I'm wondering when they open?  Maybe I'd actually consider getting out of bed before 10 am for the drugstores.  There are 14 completely free items at CVS alone, which will probably mean quite a few money makers once we know more about the coupons that will be out. The ones I'm most excited about?  Free Eucerin!  That stuff is expensive.  And free Carmex - I know a certain guy who likes this stuff. As soon as I see a preview for Walgreen's I'll link to that also.


Julie said...

what time are we getting up? think we can get the boys to go with us? where is breakfast? inquiring minds need to know

Elizabeth said...

Well the drugstore deals actually start ON thanksgiving, so I don't know about this whole waking up early thing!