Thursday, January 13, 2011

McDonald's Fruit & Maple Oatmeal Review

Ok, so let me first start off by saying that this is a very unofficial review.  McDonald's did not ask me to do this, I just felt strongly about the oatmeal after I tried it this morning and felt compelled to tell someone about it.  Also, I know what you guys might be thinking.  "She has no right to complain about McDonald's.  It's McDonald's!!"  Well sure, but they have some decent stuff when you're in a pinch.  And honestly, I really wanted to try it since I have a new found love of oatmeal recently.  So here goes.

In case you hadn't quite figured it out yet, the top picture is from McDonald's website while the bottom picture is from my desk.  And no, I hadn't stirred the oatmeal at all.  But I had choked down about half of it.

Pros: It has some fruit in it.  Apples, dried cranberries and raisins to be specific.  It's under $2.  It's oatmeal.  Thus, it should be sorta healthy right?  I'm doing Weight Watchers, so I'll throw in there that it's 6 PointsPlus (very good for breakfast).  For the rest of you, it's 260 calories, 4.5 g of fat, 5 g of protein, 48 g of carbs and 5 g of fiber.

Cons: NO flavor.  Let me say that again in case you didn't hear me.  NOOOOO flavor.  Zero.  Zilch.  I would venture to say it had negative flavor there was so little.  Ok, ok, sorry.  The menu in the drive through says there is some brown sugar in it but you'd never know.  My refined culinary taste buds suspect a wee pinch of salt was not included in the recipe.

Bottom Line:  If you're in a pinch, sure, get the oatmeal.  But have reasonable expectations.

Reminder:  This review is NOT endorsed by McDonald's.  I just felt the need to spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Try the oatmeal at Starbucks. DELICIOUS!! Not sure how much I pay for it (probably not as cheap as McD's) but sooooo worth it...and I'm not even an oatmeal person! They give you the cup of oatmeal plus a brown bag filled with 3 mini bags - one has dried fruit, one has nuts and the other is filled with brown sugar. You can customize your own oatmeal, adding what you want and exactly how much of it you want. I use all the fruit and brown sugar; the bag of nuts goes into my purse for a snack for me or the kids if we're ever in a pinch. (I'd use it in the oatmeal - lots of good protien - but it's kind of high in fat. I think it's 10 grams/bag.) Anyway, just thought I'd spread the word. Your McD's oatmeal looked absolutely dreadful. I just had the Startbucks one for lunch at work today. Wish I had noticed this post earlier or I would have taken a picture. It looks like it's advertised. And tastes just as good. Sometimes, that's worth paying a bit more for, right? _Kimberly Phillips