Friday, June 18, 2010

Um..........does anyone need any RR's???

So I was just helping Shanna create some scenarios for Sunday using the RR's she already had and I decided to pull mine out and see what I had. Um, I have a lot. Like a ton. Like I'm going to clean out some Walgreen's over the next couple of weeks. Are you trying to guess yet? Shanna guessed $30. NO where close. I have $81 in RR's. Yes, I said $81. How the heck did that happen? I'm not quite sure, but I know Neutrogena had something to do with that. Anyone else out there had this sort of predicament? I'm kind of an RR snob and would prefer not to spend them on things that don't give me more RR's, but I also think having around $80 in RR's week after week could get difficult. Am I seriously whining about having too many RR's? No.....ok maybe kinda sorta. Sunday shall be fun.