Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I need some advice/opinions

At this point in my blogging "career" if it's even ok to call it that, I haven't really found a rhythm.  I have about 15 followers through blogger, and about 15 subscribers through Google reader.  I'm up to about 10k hits on the site but it's also been a few months.  So I thought I'd take some time to stop and let you guys know what I'd really like to be doing with my couponing and then pitch a small idea.

About a month into my couponing ventures I took a trip to Kroger and got two bags of rice for $0.09 each.  On my drive home from the store I couldn't stop thinking about how I knew I would not eat that rice in any decent amount of time.  So why did I buy it?  Because it was cheap/almost free.  Yes, my blinders are totally on when it comes to cheap stuff.  No discretion.  Now we all know, based on the hundreds of posts about this, that it's awesome to buy something like rice for $0.09 and then donate it to a local food bank or something similar.  What I couldn't stop thinking about though, was why was I not doing this constantly?  Look how easy it was to get something that could supplement a family's dinners easily for a couple of weeks or more!  I started talking to some people about it (Mom and Kelly) and they agreed.  I could fairly easily (in theory) get my hands on a LOT of "almost free" food and donate it.  I then began thinking about how I could get my hands on my coupons without paying for them (to keep my oop low).  Needless to say, because of life, my forward movement on the idea slowed down drastically.  But now I'm back on the saddle again.  I know there is probably a strong couponing presence in the DFW area (My Dallas Mommy) but I've yet to find it outside of moms (no kiddos for me).  So I'm still working on this idea of basically asking people to donate their coupons.  This could be people that don't coupon at all but get the paper, or people that coupon casually (like my mom) and just donate the leftover coupons.

Anyway, this is getting too long!  The point is, while I brainstorm some more on how to move forward with this idea, I need your opinion on a much smaller one.  Some of the couponing blogs have weekly posts such as the "CVS $5 Challenge" by Centsable Momma, or "Change for a Change" by Zeal for a Deal where they outline ways to get a lot of loot with a little money ($5 at CVS, $3 at Publix and Kroger).  I was thinking of starting something similar for a store we all have a love/hate (some hate/hate) relationship with - Walmart.  Why Walmart?  Because it's a store that I'm 90% sure is EVERYWHERE.  So no matter who reads this, they could participate.  I myself am not in love with Walmart, but if I have a list and a purpose, it's fine.  I was also wondering if I should narrow it down even further and say I will only include newspaper coupons OR only include printables.  I guess it depends on my readers.  I also need some input on the dollar amount.  How much would you like to spend each week, or rather how much can you spare?  What types of items should I include?  Definitely grocery items - but not all junk food, toiletry items, etc.  Any opinion would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


mtrentham said...

Great post. I am one of your 15 RSS subscriber. Nice club to be in. I was just thinking about using Walmart for my giving. It is very close to me. I have a friend who has "adopted" some guys who have fallen on tough times. One lived on rice and beans for a month! I am trying to coupon sundries for them. Only so much body wash a hungry person needs. I'd love a $5 or even $10 dollars at Walmart buzz. That $5 dollar challenge rocks. I'd try to send you pics of my hauls to support your blogging mission.
I have already amazed cashiers at Walmart a couple times with coupons. I think the prices are so good that people don't bother. One manager told me there are 80,000 bar codes SKUs in a typical Walmart. I think "protein" deals would be important. I've been wanting to get the guys cheeses and tuna for some good nutrition. I've noticed those as filler at Walgreens, but I could be so much more consistent at Walmart.
Thanks for the great blog. Your last CVS post helped me make my list for this week. Didn't even know CVS had All free and clear.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for replying to this! I'm glad to know I have a reader who isn't related to me :). If you don't mind me asking, how did you find me? That's a good point you have about getting some protein in. I went ahead and did a little research for you and found that Walmart typically sells the Starkist Tuna Pouches for around $0.92 and there was a B2G1 free coupon in the 6/20 RP. So if you bought 3 and used one coupon your subtotal would be $1.84 before tax for 3 pouches of tuna (I much prefer the pouch to the can myself), which is $0.61 per pouch. This coupon expires 8/15, so next time you head to Walmart, maybe you could pick up some tuna for the boys like you've been wanting to. I will keep working and come up with some more "sustenance" type stuff to post. Thanks so much for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

Im not a subscriber yet but plan on doing it today because of this post, you will be the first person I follow and i visit alot of blogs, not sure how I came upon your blogs, but I think it was from your posts on Wild for Wags. I am a very loyal visitor to your site but I have to say I am not a fan of walmart at all. I would be interested in seeing your posts because i am sure they would be great info and i always learn something from you. I have been looking at donating to our servicemen and women myself so I hope to find some great ideas from you that I can use for them. I would be more than willing to share coupons that i wont be using; which i hate seeing go to waste. Which I say is proof of a true coupon addict. I want to say i love your site and I will follow no matter what you decide to post.
Beatrice C Houston TX (

*~*Tammy*~* said...

I visit your site frequntly, but I am not a follower, soon to change though. I love watching your hauls :) Personally, I visit Walmart twice a month of the sales are slacking. I live in Denver Metro and they STINK! However, I would love to see a post like this about Walmart. You are doing a FANTASTICAL job!!

Elizabeth said...

Beatrice and Tammy - thanks for posting! I love to read comments :). Is there a store you would rather do? I'd do a grocery store but doubt that we all have the same ones. I have Kroger, Tom Thumb and Albertsons. Then there's Walmart, CVS and Walgreens (I don't have a Rite Aid). I don't have to do Walmart, just couldn't think of anything else nationally. I also have a strong dislike for Walmart, but like I said, I'd go there every so often if I had a plan!

The Marlows said...

Let's face it....I stalk you...and I don't even know how to follow you...I'm not technologically savvy, but I do list this blog on my blog under the category of blogs I love...and well I'm your bestest...but moving on..

I told you before when you told me this idea that I absolutely LOVE it! I'm working on getting into couponing, but I'm not sure I'll ever be as good as you! I have been using coupons now though weekly for about a month, so woo-hoo and I've saved a lot! With my petsmart coupons, I got Molly all the treats she will need for the rest of the year - and saved 30 bucks! SCORE! Anyways...moving on...

I would definitely do this with you, although I don't have a wal-mart..well, I do, but the tax is over 9% so we don't shop there...we do shop at both CVS and Walgreens, and could do Target as well. I can find another Wal-Mart somewhere near us though. As far as donating, are we going to go with 1 national organization, or just something local to each of us...You are right about grocery stores, I don't have the same up here in Missouri, I have Schnucks and I couldn't do that - but maybe you have several follwers from Texas so they could do grocery store...

Alright, let me know when we (I say we b/c I feel this is a collective effort now) have more of a plan...I'll keep brainstorming and ask my husband/family for more ideas! Very excited - I love donating!

Beatrice said...

Im in TX so I would love to see the Kroger deals from someone in my area; but like i stated yesterday... i would follow no matter what stores you choose to post. Keep up the great work!

mtrentham said...

Wow! Instant karma. Must be meant to be that I get the tuna. Thanks so much. I've got multiple of the 6/20, so that will be great. Ever since that nice person sent you those coupons, I've been inspired about how niceness can change life for the better.

I was on a coupon RSS building rampage when I found your blog and I loved the look. I think I found you because I follow "my frugal adventures" and then I searched frugal coupons and got your blog? I wish I could be more helpful. Pics are very eyecatching and your look is modern and fun.

This is really motivating, because although my husband loves the general idea of saving money, he doesn't want to talk about it all the time. This prevents me from going on at breakfast and dinner about coupons. Oh, and today I got my first raincheck at CVS!

Elizabeth said...

Ok ladies, I think Walmart maybe wasn't the best choice. I'm thinking Target, especially since almost all of the stores are transitioning into a more "grocery" friendly store. I think for a while I'll just write a post that includes good deals on staples (the food items, not the store) from several different stores to try and help everyone. I'll list items from Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger (for Beatrice). Beatrice, I wonder if we get the same ad? My Kroger ad starts on Wednesdays. I guess I could just look up the Houston ad and see if is the same as mine (Plano).
mtrentham - I'd love to mail you my tuna coupons if you can use them to help the boys. Let me know!

and yea for rainchecks! I got my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was very satisfying. No more rushing around or stressing about not getting a deal!