Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My "I'm bored, let's go to Target and Walmart with the 8/1 P&G when I SHOULD be cleaning" trip 8/31

So I'm not going to show a picture since I think it would be cruel considering every single coupon I used expired today, except one (the gain dish liquid).  Instead I will just tell you a couple of the awesome things I found.

First, Target:

You know those Lysol no touch hand soap things that were $2 at CVS a couple of weeks ago?  Well I've been using mine since the day I bought it (in my bathroom) and I absolutely love it.  The dispenser never gets dirty or water marked because I never touch it!  And the amount it dispenses, along with the scent, are perfect.  So I saw them at Target today for $6.04!!!!  The sign said price cut, and for once in Target's history with me, I believe them.  This is a big price cut no matter where you shop.  I remembered that when I bought the one at CVS I cut all 5 of the coupons I had rather than just 1 because I thought I could find them cheap at Walgreens too.  So turns out I just happened to have 5 of the $3/1 coupons from the 7/11 SS that expire today!  Well I didn't want to buy that many even though $3.04 is a phenomenal price, so I bought 2.  I figured that if Lysol doesn't put out coupons for the refills for a while I'm set using the refills in these 2 packages.  Yay!!  (I put my other 3 coupons on the products themselves just in case a shopper noticed them tonight and could take advantage of them).
That was really the only exciting thing at Target.  I got some travel size Tide and a clearanced kid toothpaste for the other frugal blonde's kiddo.  My total for everything was about $7.

On to Walmart:

The only thing I knew for sure I would pick up at Walmart was the Gain dish liquid.  There is a $1/1 in the 8/29 P&G and Walmart is selling the small bottles for $0.97 and the larger bottles for $1.97.  My store had the original scent and the lavender scent.  Lavender somehow reminds me of my allergies so I bought 4 of the original scent.  And the computer accepted the coupons at face value so I got $0.12 overage.
My exciting find at Walmart: In the 8/1 P&G there was a $3/1 Febreze Noticeables Warmer OR Starter Kit. The warmer was priced at $2.54.  The incredible thing?  This is not a sale or anything special.  It was the regular tag.  I'm telling you, I read the packaging and the coupon at least 10 times to verify that I wasn't crazy and it was the right item.  Guess what?  I got the face value of these coupons too!  I bought 4, so that's a total of $1.84 overage.  Now, these didn't come with any actual oil, but I couldn't pass up making money on them. Some day soon I will buy the refills with some grand coupon we get.  So I knew if I got overage I'd have $1.96, so I just picked up one of those huge packs of gum in the checkout line and my total was $0.66!!!

Yay for easy shopping trips!


mtrentham said...

great Walmart update! Need more Gain for sure.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! Yeah, gotta love free! And it smells grrreat.

Anonymous said...

awesome! Someone must have raised you right