Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For any Dallas Readers:

I recently found out about a paper called the Briefing.  It's published by the Dallas Morning News and runs from Wednesday through Sunday and apparently has all the coupons in it.  It's completely free, you just need to call and sign up (214)977-8333.  While I was on the phone I decided to ask if they were running any specials on the DMN since the local paper I usually get stopped carrying the Red Plum inserts AND went up in price.  Well right now they are offering a half off deal - Wednesdays and Sundays for only $8.48/month as long as you sign up for EZ pay (automatically charged each month).  It's actually just Sundays and they are throwing in Wednesdays for free for some reason.  In fact my sales rep claimed that Wednesdays sometimes have some coupons too.  Not sure about that one.  So that's actually $2.12 a week for coupons, which is significantly less than the $3 you have to pay anywhere else.  So needless to say, I broke down and subscribed.  I miss my $1 Plano paper with all the coupons!!