Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Burt's Bees Grab Bag

So a week or so ago when the Burt's Bees grab bag was available (for $20) I decided to give it a shot since everyone had such raving reviews about it.  I received it today and I think I did ok.  I'm not uber impressed, especially after seeing some other people's loot the last time around, but I definitely got what I paid for.  Oh, and P.S. do you see that tear on the upper right hand corner of my sheet (you have to look closely)?  Yeah my fitted sheet has a HUGE hole in it.  I've moved it around many times to try and reduce the damage but it's ginormous now.  Why don't I just buy sheets?  I have to buy sheets that will fit a 20" mattress and that is NOT easy to find, much less for a good price.  I finally got a new 20% bed bath and beyond coupon today though, so it's time to buy.  If you have any suggestions, or if you have a crazy large mattress too, let me know!  I so don't want to spend the $100 I spent the first time around (king size bed).


brittany said...

i have a king size bed with a thick mattress as while. I HATE buying sheets b/c they are sooo expensive the last ones i bought were from and they were high tread count too. i believe i only paid like 40ish so try there. i waited and got a coupon too from when i signed up or something. plus shipping is not crazy. i hope that helps. :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Brittany! I just finished looking through the details of every single King size sheet set on Overstock (that should really be one of the filtering options). I found 3, one of which had awful reviews. They are still high (one is $80 and one is $60), but cheaper than Bed, Bath and Beyond. Thanks again for the advice.

Brittany said...

welcome i sooo glad it helped! you can sign up for emails too and they have HUGE sales that only you can get through email. i will buy an extra pair when i have the time to start looking if they are cheap. i am soo glad i could help! let me know if you like them as much as i do!